Beats Fever – A very fun VR rhythm game, is it better than Audioshield?

Look, it doesn’t have all the customizability, youtube and bells-and-whistles of Audioshield (or even SoundBoxing).

What it does have, is arguably the most fun VR rhythm game experience. Batting away hearts (?!?) rather than Orbs aside, the mechanics of the game just seem to “make sense” more than the often stuttering nature of Audioshield and as a result it is more fun during the relaxed and during the intense periods.

So if you don’t mind that you can’t select your favourite nu-ambient song and just want to have some fun with a few decent tracks – you can’t go wrong with this one.

Calories/hour: 342
Distance travelled per hour: 1835m
Average HR: 92 (range 76-109)


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