The Discovery of Karl Pilkington by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant (2001)

“Karl, you do realise that giants don’t actually exist?”

A collection of the earliest clips (2001-2002) from Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant’s XFM radio show.

They swiftly discover that they’ve got something special in the form of their new “producer” Karl Pilkington.

Listen as a number of discoveries are made for the first time which become a staple of later interactions between them: from Karl’s unique head shape to his surreal childhood experiences and bizarre theories.


Star Trek Deep Space Nine’s shades of grey – A collection of the best scenes from DS9

Star Trek Deep Space Nine is an excellent series with great writing, from the first episode we are guessing about the motivations and principles of many of the characters. So much of the series features the many shades of grey between black and white, and we navigate these through the journeys travelled by the complex characters.

This compilation of scenes is by no means exhaustive, it is just a list of personal favourites of mine which made the series for me. I’m sure I’m missing many scenes which are important to others.

All rights belong to Star Trek and Paramount Television.


Partridge-Fu: A new fighting style from Alan Partridge…

Hands together and in apparent fear, he lulls them into a false sense of security. Little do they know, the praying mantis is ready to strike:

He flips their head, grabs them by the waist, quick elbow, barge to the ribs, tug by the the belt followed by pulling the nose. A winning smile crowns the move.

Learn Partridge-Fu and defeat all your enemies. Be they Dave Clifton or the ghost of Tony Hayers.

This video is for combat training purposes only and will never be monetized.

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