Verification for Steemit

There are number of different blogging websites available, sometimes they can be use synergistically and other times they may be at odds with each other.

As well as using the crisp blogging platform which is Medium and the social media/miniblogging community which is Tumblr, I have recently joined the community. This is a new form of decentralised online community and media generation/sharing which has very interesting principles, predominantly, community-orientated anarcho-capitalist ones.  It does have a lot of potential I feel, although it is not intrinsically meritocratic right at the start. It would be fascinating to observe whether a Pulitzer winner can anonymously join Steemit and write dozens of insightful multi-faceted articles and then get ignored completely if they do not know the many intricacies of how the place functions. 

Nevertheless, I do want to persist with Steemit as the community spirit engendered within it does seem an attractive proposition for new media.

My username there is, predictably, doctoryak and this is my steemit blog:

This is the post which needed verifying:

This is my verification post:


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