World of Wallcharts Series #6 – WINE

Today is World Wine Day. The earliest archaeological evidence for wine consumption comes from ancient China, Iran and Georgia and has been used for religious, cultural and inebriation reasons over the millenia.

Therefore, the sixth of this #WorldOfWallcharts series is dedicated to this beverage.

Let’s start with a Basic Wine Guide from Wine Folly


Followed up by a nice guide to the various families courtesy of [Pop Chart Lab] (


If you like your wallcharts a little more simplistic and less detailed, Wine Folly also has another colourful chart to describe the different types of wine:


There are many areas of the world which are famous for wine production based on climate and natural resources. This lovely map from [Pop Chart Lab] ( highlights those of the Napa Valley:


Of course, many famous wines are blends of different types, this infographic from Wine Folly highlights them:


Every wondered what wine to pair your food with, well good sir or madam, wonder no more…!


Wine and seafood can be a risky combination, but this wallchart from Vine Pair gives you a few choice tips:


And finally, a classical pairing which brings enjoyment to many a dinner party, Wine and cheese from Wine Folly :


Do enjoy your moderately consumed wine 🙂


World of Wallcharts Series #5 – TYPOGRAPHY

Number 5 on the highly-anticipated (!) #WorldOfWallcharts series focuses on the beauty of the letter form.

Let’s start Pop Chart Lab’s beautifully detailed Taxonomy of Typography:


Following this, we can proceed with a gentle Anatomical lesson from Diane Nuguid :


And because an A-Z always makes everything look neat Pop Chart Lab@

The Alphabet of Typography Wall Chart .jpg

Finally a historical perspective, with the devices which first churned out these letters into print Pop Chart Lab’s Visual Compendium of Typewriters:


I hope you enjoy this series of wallcharts and infographics which I have collected, a number of which are from the fantastic Brooklyn-based Pop Chart Lab. Please let me know if there is a specific theme which you would like featured!


World of Wallcharts Series #4 – FLOWERS

The day after Valentine’s Day, there will have been a lot of flowers sitting in vases (and in many other types of receptacle) across the world.

Therefore, number 4 in the #Worldofwallcharts series pays homage to the floral world.

Let’s start with four posters from Pop Chart Lab going through the various varieties of:









If you’re so much of a florophile that you get hungry looking at them, then perhaps you would be interested in this wallchart of edible flowers from Sugar and Charm


And if you like to think of flowers from a more scientific perspective then here is a more anatomical viewpoint from Rachelignotofsky

Enjoy your flowers 🙂


World of Wallcharts Series #3 – LOVE

What else could it be for the third part of this #worldofwallcharts series today? In homage to St Valentine’s Day, here is a curation of some beautiful love-related posters and infographics.

First up, a load of iconic heart beats from musical tracks, courtesy of Pop Chart Lab. Some of them are quite hard to figure out, but the icons look cool at least:

This begs the question ,what kind of heart are you? Perhaps you can find the answer on 20px’s poster down here. I think I may be a couple of these…

If you’re looking more for numbers and facts rather than cute heart emojis, then you’ll be right at home with the “Facts of Love” infographic from Overstock:

And if you’re more scientifically-inclined, then you can look at exactly how those brain hormones work in the following infographic from Adam Baumgartner

Finally, if you want to learn how to say I love you in 50 different languages, then Pop Chart Lab has the wallchart for you:

Hope you have a lovely Valentine’s Day, whether with your loved one, with your friends and family, or alone.


World of Wallcharts Series #2 – MUSIC

For the second feature in this #Worldofwallcharts series, I’ll be paying homage to audio and music.

Yesterday was the UNESCO World Radio Day, and we’ll start with a lovely detailed history of audio apparatus courtesy of popchartlab

Let’s follow this with an exploration of the many instruments which have been discovered over the years, from the piccolo to the pipe organ, also courtesy of the same design studio:

And, if you’re a fan of a specific stringed instrument, then this one’s for you!

Classical musical notation still remains the default method of learning to play an instrument, and this poster handily describes some of its components:

I hope this curation provides some inspiration for those who are looking to start playing a musical instrument.


World of Wallcharts Series #1 – SPACE

I love wallcharts and infographics and am curating a series called World of Wallcharts.

In homage to the recent Space X mission dumping a Tesla into space, I’ll start with the final frontier.

First up, popchartlab’s beautiful Chart of Cosmic Exploration which combines the scaled planets with a history of exploring space vehicles:

Next up, A History of Space Travel, also from popchartlab. Got to love those scaled rockets side by side:

Finally, given that Elon has dumped his Tesla into space, its worthwhile including JPL Infographics Waste in Space, so that we remember that we have a ring of junk increasingly orbiting our planet.