Roy Hodgson and Andros Townsend “Space Monkeys” issue

This kind of thing serves to weaken the case for actual racism, when it does happen. And unfortunately in the 21st century it still does happen.

Everyone can tell Roy Hodgson is not a racist from his track record at the teams he has managed in Europe and in the UK and from the people he has nurtured and been involved with. He is much more educated than most other English managers. He is the polar opposite of someone like Ron Atkinson.

The issue is the implied racism of people associating Roy Hodgson’s weird comment about NASA’s early mission pioneerswith Andros Townsend being mixed-race. Lets get it clear, this is about context: Throwing monkeys at a black player = racist. Comparing Townsend’s debut performances and trajectory with the early pioneers of space flight who happened to be monkeys = not racist.


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