I AM Cardboard dscvr virtual reality headset review

Opening and review of the dscvr virtual reality headset from I AM Cardboard

I backed this on Kickstarter and think it is a great piece of kit for under 30 Dollars. It is now available on their site here:


Google has brought virtual reality to the masses with their DIY Cardboard kit and it is great to see devices like this which provide a sturdy travel-friendly alternative.

Currently there are a lot of nice applications for the technology e.g. discovering the world with Google Earth , visiting museum exhibits and art galleries, learning about space, riding rollercoasters and playing immersive games.

But the potential for learning and experiencing is phenomenal – imagine a trainee surgeon experiencing a procedure for the viewpoint of the performing surgeon, or a trainee pilot learning the manouvres and protocol by watching his/her captain go through the motions.  VR technology will replace video as a medium for learning.


Junior Doctor radio grilling

Junior Doctor grilled by BBC Radio Drivetime Interviewer Chris Mann:

Today (19th November 2015)  Junior Doctors overwhelmingly voted in support of industrial action for the first time since the inception of the NHS, with 98% supporting a full strike for three days in December.
Hospitals will be covered by consultants, nurses and other NHS staff during those three days

No junior doctor wants to go on strike, however they have been forced to by a health secretary who has shown again and again that he desires to privatize the NHS by hook or by crook.

This contract: 1) Removes the national safeguards which prevent patients from being treated by exhausted doctors 2) Reduces the net pay significantly for the vast majority of doctors 3) Penalizes emergency services 4) Penalizes women and those with familes 5) Penalizes those doctors contributing to research for cures of diseases 6) Will bring about a vast exodus of doctors from the UK

If this contract goes through, it will be: 1) Unsafe for doctors 2) Unsafe for patients 3) Will result in an exodus of junior doctors from the United Kingdom

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Please also check out my video letter to Jeremy Hunt below:


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Jeremy Hunt – Too Early in the Morning

Jeremy Hunt says it is too early in the morning to understand the arithmetic with his new contract proposal.

Nevertheless, 7am-7pm Monday to Friday is currently consider normal working hours for junior doctors.

And under his new proposal, normal working hours will be extended to 7am-10pm Monday to Saturday.

Unlike Jeremy in this clip, Junior Doctors have to be alert and awake when they start their shifts. Increasing their “normal working hours” won’t help.

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