I AM Cardboard dscvr virtual reality headset review

Opening and review of the dscvr virtual reality headset from I AM Cardboard

I backed this on Kickstarter and think it is a great piece of kit for under 30 Dollars. It is now available on their site here:


Google has brought virtual reality to the masses with their DIY Cardboard kit and it is great to see devices like this which provide a sturdy travel-friendly alternative.

Currently there are a lot of nice applications for the technology e.g. discovering the world with Google Earth , visiting museum exhibits and art galleries, learning about space, riding rollercoasters and playing immersive games.

But the potential for learning and experiencing is phenomenal Рimagine a trainee surgeon experiencing a procedure for the viewpoint of the performing surgeon, or a trainee pilot learning the manouvres and protocol by watching his/her captain go through the motions.  VR technology will replace video as a medium for learning.


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