A Psalm for Albion

An Albion of yore in The Hay Wain — John Constable (1821)

“We should be realistic, this is our politics now”

This was the take-home message at the end of Newsnight, the flagship late-night current affairs show of the British Broadcasting Corporation. It was sobering.

The subject of conversation was the increasingly fragmented political discourse in the United Kingdom and, in particular, a series of chants which took place outside Parliament which were aimed at Conservative MP Anna Soubry (who, contrary to most of her party, has campaigned against Brexit).

UK Houses of Parliament

As I work in a hospital on the opposite side of the River Thames, I witnessed some of these chants yesterday.

Anyone who is not very worried about what is going on in our country now is burying their heads in the sand more deeply than a psammophile ostrich. This is very frightening indeed.

Just as much of our media have consistently mimicked Völkischer Beobachter and Der Stürmer of 20s Germany, some of the most vicious and thuggish portions of our society are now more empowered than ever, and police and reporters stand by idly whilst the societal, geopolitical and economic futures of this country is their bully’s playground.

The Daily Mail’s article “Enemies of the People” evokes similarities to naming and shaming of “traitors of the people” in 1933 Nazi newspaper Illustrierter Beobachter, and their own support for fascism and fearmongering against “the other” during that period.

This is your future, your childrens’ future. The kind of country we are about to become unless something alters our path drastrically…

Awake! awake O sleeper of the land of shadows, wake! expand!
I am in you and you in me, mutual in love divine.
Fibres of love from man to man thro Albions pleasant land.
In all the dark Atlantic vale down from the hills of Surrey
A black water accumulates, return Albion! return!

Except from Jerusalem: The Emanation of the Giant — Blake

“Nazi Germany of the early 1920s” Snapshot of UK Newspapers 5th October 2016


My boss is of Jewish origin, his parents emigrating from Germany and Poland. He lost relatives in Auschwitz.  He is a phenomenally loyal NHS Doctor. Earlier in the year he said that the language being used by media and politicians is eerily resembling 1920-30s Germany and the rise of the Nazi party.  I wasn’t paying too much attention, but I valued his statement as he is a remarkable observationalist .

He was right, this style of rhetoric and the undercurrent behind the statements echoes Das Reich and Das Shwarze Korps. I’ve never employed Godwin’s law before – but we are veering on the abyss which leads to National Socialism.


Brexiters of the Earth Intro Song (Parody of Defenders of the Earth animated television series)

A coalition of the most prominent Brexiters in the world have joined forces for a new American syndicated TV show. Click the subtitles button to see the lyrics.

Based on the Defenders of the Earth franchise (Flash Gordon, The Phantom, Mandrake the Magician, Lothar and a few irritating kids), Donald Trump and Boris Johnson unite a cabal of Brexit supporters who include: Vladimir Putin, Marine Le Pen, Nigel Farage, David Duke, Iranian army chief of staff Massoud Jazayeri, George Galloway, Robert Mugabe and the overlord Jean-Claude Juncker.


Brexiters of the earth – brexiters!
Out of the sty
His hair-piece takes flight
Jets into battle
He keeps talking shite

Donald Drumpf

Lord of the bungle
The weirdo who walks
The mops call him brother
The oaf who talks
Boris Johnson

Brexiters of the earth – Brexiters

Master of nursing pints and illusion
Feeding people with delusion

Brexiters of the earth. Brexiters

His strength is a legend
His skills conquer all
And if you cross him
You might have a fall

Brexiters of the earth. Brexiters

With many more psychos
Proving their worth
4 becomes 10
destroying the earth

Brexiters of the earth. Brexiters.

Brexiters of the … earth