Daesh/Isis and their sympathizers – the common thread

The common thread amongst this Daesh/“Isis” death cult and their loud-mouthed supporters in the west  is that they are all self-loathing hedonist sex-obsessed failures:

9/11 bombers = party loving wasters who went to casinos and strip clubs and got stoned the week before their attack

Paris bombers = partying players and a female bomber who had never read the koran, drank and had multiple boyfriends at once.


Abu Hamza = Former soho bouncer with a gambling problem

Anjem Choudary = alcoholic, womanising embarrassment who called himself Andy

Tareq Kamleh = sleazy serial womanizer

Their “religion” is an act. Many of them haven’t even read the Koran and have no interest in the actual religion thing.

Because they are filled with frustration and igominy, they are mesmerized by the death cult concept as it provides a modicum of meaning to their worthless existence.  The “Islam” they have adopted as a front for this is just handy as it is the quickest way they can pretend to be counter-culture and lure other lost souls who hate themselves. Make no mistake, Islam is an old religion which does not quite translate to the modern world (in the same vein as almost any other religion) but their phony adoption of the Islamic faith is just a front. In another era they might have pretended to be Jews, or Communists,  or Satanists, or Buddhists, or whatever.

They need to be flushed from this planet, and the toilet needs to be covered by imperial ton of bricks.