Junior Doctors – We could be heroes

by Nima Ghadiri

The National Health Service is considered by many to be the jewel in the United Kingdom’s crown: A service which provides healthcare to all regardless of wealth.

Unfortunately, the previous Labour government judged that it was too unwieldy, and set in motion plans to privatize it. These plans have been accelerated by the current Conservative government.

Knowing that the people of the United Kingdom would be vehemently against losing the NHS, the government recognises that the only way to bring this about is to break it up in a clandestine manner starting with the easiest targets: Junior Doctors, Student Nurses and Student Midwives.

They have proposed a contract which is not safe for patients, not safe for doctors and is already resulting in doctors leaving the NHS and school students not applying for medicine.

They want to dismantle the NHS by hook or by crook. They did not expect such unity from the junior doctors to protect something so valuable. We are the first line of defence.

“We can not let this happen. We will not let this happen”

I support #juniordoctors

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