Logan – Great movie, but 2029 could be a bit more 2029ish…

I really enjoyed the catharsis of watching Logan slice through hordes of baddies in his latest, and final, film outing.  

The film is set in 2029, and my sole (slightly pedantic criticism) was that the consumer electronics on display look exactly as what we have now, in 2017. With the pace of current developments in mobile phones and entertainment, surely things would have moved on?

Logan’s phone is the same appearance as what we have today – maybe he just likes an antique.

Is this an iPod?

Even the television seems pretty mid-2010s.

I would have thought that the design of the film would have incorporated a few predicted changes over the next 12 years. But apart from that I’d recommend the film, it’s an arthouse daddy-daughter flick with claws.