Seven of the UK’s healing hospital gardens — in pictures

Article from The Guardian 12th September 2017:

Horatio’s Garden at Salisbury district hospital, Salisbury

Horatio’s Garden is a charity which creates gardens of sanctuary in centres for spinal injury. The gardens are named after Horatio Chapple who came up with the idea with his father while volunteering in Salisbury. Various events for patients with spinal injuries are held in the garden, such as painting classes with artist-in-residence Miranda Creswell.


The Chapel Garden, Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital

This chapel garden features a central wish tree and a number of water features, such as a vertical fountain and a rill, which give the impression of water moving continually throughout the garden. The calming flow of water and the illusion of space have transformed this small and previously unused area of the hospital.

The Morgan Stanley garden, Great Ormond Street hospital, London

This woodland-themed garden, designed by Chris Beardshaw, was transplanted from the RHS Chelsea Flower Show (where it won a Gold medal) to a disused roof space, surrounded by tall hospital buildings that look onto it. The garden provides a quiet and peaceful space for children and families, the centrepiece of which is a sculpture of a child.

Ninewells community garden, Dundee

Patients, staff and the local community can volunteer at this garden. The vegetable and sensory gardens, orchard, wildlife habitat and play areas offer multiple options for people to de-stress, recuperate and exercise

Horatio’s Garden, Queen Elizabeth national spinal injuries unit, Glasgow

The second Horatio’s Garden on this list has six distinct spaces, all of which serve to stimulate different senses. There is also a greenhouse which is surrounded by areas used for horticultural therapy activities.

Chase Farm hospital rehabilitation gardens, London

Chase Farm hospital has renovated two areas into specialist therapeutic gardens for patients. One of the gardens supports dementia patients, while the other supports stroke and rehabilitation patients. Based on a Japanese design, the gardens are compact but tranquil sanctuary within the hospital, and are also open to staff and visitors

Bournemouth hospital garden, Bournemouth

A desolate tarmac courtyard in the hospital was revamped and made into a three-part garden. There is a therapeutic garden outside the chemotherapy suite, a sensory garden linking the courtyard to a lakeside garden, and a large area to walk around and exercise in.


Armed Against the Undead: VR Zombie Thrills and Spills!

VR Zombie thrills and spills with guns and a chainsaw. Horror games in VR can sometimes be overly frightening – as in they create tachyarrhythmias. This has a nice balance between horror and humour which stops its from being too scary. I enjoyed it, although I did get stuck on a glitch.

Calories/hour: 231
Distance travelled: 684m
Average HR: 92 (range 77-119)

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Samurai Sword VR: A satisfying slice of samurai swording on the HTC Vive

Studying the way of the warrior courtesy of Samurai Sword on the HTC Vive. This is more of an expanded slice-em-up tech demo that a game per-se, but it is still very pleasurable to slice everything.

Calories/hour: 287
Distance: 1256m
Average calories: 101 (range 95-120)

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Cowbots vs Aliens – An epic virtual reality showdown

Throughout the aeons, cowbots and aliens have fought in epic Wild-West showdowns. How does this game compare to other VR shooters?

The answer is: Not especially well. And the core reason is that this game relies on online multiplayer, yet there are too few people online to play with, and so most gaming time is spent with bots. The graphics are rather sparse too.
Nevertheless, the concept is funny and it has the barebones structure of a potentially fantastic game.

Calories/hour: 204
Distance travelled: 684
Average HR: 92 (range 77-119)

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Holodance: Dancing with Dragons in Virtual Reality!

Rhythm-based VR fitness games are ubiquitous, but each one seems to have its own niche feature. Holodance has dragons.

No seriously, it’s also very good. The rhythm mechanic rivals other VR rhythm fitness games: Audioshield, Beats Fever and Soundboxing.
Calories/hour: 348
Distance travelled: 2145m
Average HR: 97 (range 80-134)

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Sairento: VR Ninja Skills with bullet-time.

This is a very ambitious game, with certain elements that can only be described as pure joy (the slow-motion/bullet-time). Mechanics for both sword and gun components are richly satisfying, and it compares well to Raw Data from Survios.

Nevertheless, it is a resources hog, and my graphics card perhaps wasn’t powerful enough to play it for sustained periods without stalling.

Calories/hour: 248
Distance travelled: 985
Average HR: 92 (range 71-108)