SportsBar VR — A Friday night bar experience in your own living room

Shooting some pool, playing darts, pouring a pint, flirting. Sure, you can do these things in real life, but why leave the comfort of your own room?

OK, Sports Bar lacks the entire experience, and taking my headset off to sip on my craft ale wasn’t as smooth as I wanted. But it’s still a very good simulation. I just wish there were more people to interact with online.

Calories.hour: 145
Distance travelled: 140m
HR: 88 (range 68–104)


GORN – A ludicrously violent (but in a cartoonish way) Virtual Reality gladiator game which gets you sweating!

I’m going to put my hands (together with my sword and shield) up and say I really enjoyed this over-the-top outrageously violent arena based combat game. It just works.

The physics of your controller movement is crisp, the hits connect and have satisfying results, it has a nice moving mechanic using your arms which is better than teleportation and helps burn a few extra calories.

There are a number of other arena based games on the HTC Vive and I’m yet to find a dud personally, but this has to rank as one of the better ones.