N’Golo Kante – The unsung hero we can’t stop singing about

The compact dynamo’s double tally of the Football Writers’ Association and Premier League Professional Footballers’ Association Players’ Player of the Year (that’s a mouthful to say) is probably the least controversial duo of individual awards one can imagine. Capping this off with the PFA Fan’s Player of the Year should only be a formality, barring a global brainwashing or apocalypse scenario.

It can sometimes be difficult to explain him to people who don’t watch football. If you like comics then think of him as “Multiple Man” from Marvel’s lesser followed X-teams. The only time you might see one of him is right at the beginning of the game. Afterwards you might struggle to see fewer than six of him on the pitch at once.

It’s always fun to throw about some stats:

1st highest back-to-back Premier league titles with different clubs (Leicester 2016, Chelsea 2017)
2nd highest tackler in the league this season (114)
6th highest passer in the league this season (2011 passes)
5th highest interceptions in the league this season (79)
0 Career Red Cards 

Who would have thought that the wealthy Premier League’s first genuine challenge to the Messi-Ronaldo hegemony of La Liga is a small Frenchman of Malian descent who you could be forgiven for initially calling a workhorse, just once…


The Body VR – A virtual reality version of the film “Fantastic Voyage” for schoolchildren

This Virtual Reality Human Body Educational Experience (think a virtual reality version of the film Fantastic Voyage) is geared towards schoolchildren. It is quite short, but as a free experience it is hard to criticise something which is aiming to combine education with some entertainment for kids, particularly given that there aren’t that many similar experiences. The same team is releasing an Anatomy Viewer as well, a Beta of which is included in this application.