Doctor Yak recipes: Banana-apple fruit lather

Too many mince pies mean that your fruit is sitting neglected, or in my case, completely gone off?

Then get yourself a dehydrator and make some tasty chewy+crunchy fruit rolls.

Instructions for banana-apple fruit roll:

1) Get your banana and apples from wherever you store your fruit. If they are obviously mouldy or there are little animals feasting on them then I would not use them for this particular recipe
2) Because the bananas are so soft, you don’t even need to use a blender so go ahead and mix them in a bowl. Add some Biscotti spread for seasonal flavour. Then, shred the apples which will add some lovely crunch to the dried fruit later on. I’ve added a bit of extra coconut sugar but feel free to go sugar-free as it should be sweet enough
3) Wang the mixture on a baking paper and put it into your dehydrator . Mine is a Stockli, it’s worth paying a little extra to get yourself a good Swiss brand. Spread as thinly as possible
4) Set onto 50 degrees for 12 hours. Extra bonus=your home smells of fruit for a day


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