Star Wars:The Last Jedi – Rey is Captain America

The new Last Jedi poster displays the classic trope of a skyward beam of light. We’ve seen it many times before:

But look closely at the area around her lightsabre. Look even closer.  What do you see? Yes, it is a shield.

It is Captain America’s shield.

“WHAT THE…” I hear you exclaim? Well, since 2015 Marvel Comics have brought Star Wars in-house, so Star Wars is slowly becoming part of the Marvel Universe.  Simultaneously, for the last twelve months, Marvel have been hinting that Steve Rogers’ time as Captain America will be no more, as he realises that he has been a sleeper agent for Hydra his entire life in the current Secret Empire storyline:

If we put 2 and 2 together, the outcome is as follows:


You heard it here first folks.


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