The empty streets of Paris and London


The streets of Paris and London heave day and night with people, traffic, activity. But one night of the year is an exception, when everything comes to a halt: Christmas. In 2014 and 2015, the Paris-based freelance photographer Genaro Bardy roamed the streets of these two cities on Christmas night, photographing the deserted scenes. Now, with Desert in the City, he plans to stage an exhibition of these beautiful, serene photographs in each city and publish a book to showcase the Paris collection.

The project was inspired by a chance visit to New York City during 2011’s Hurricane Irene, when Bardy had the rare opportunity to photograph an empty Manhattan. Bardy subsequently became fascinated by how these urban spaces change when people are absent. “As a photographer, it is an incredible chance to be able to experience a city totally alone,” he says. “I hope those pictures show a very different side of your city.”

Empty Cities

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