Studio Ghibli’s films are works of art.Unfortunately, sometimes…

Studio Ghibli’s films are works of art.

Unfortunately, sometimes the endings to their films can be a weak-link. Perhaps the epitomy of this is the rushed scarecrow-changing-to-a-prince scene at the end of Howl’s Moving Castle.

Although the last-minute marriage proposal at the end of the (otherwise fantastic) Whisper of The Heart probably comes a close second.

What do you think?


Kingman - Arizona’s Capital of Culture


Have you ever dreamed of Kingman? The beautiful Locomotive Park, the award-winning pragmatism of the Route 66 Museum. Perhaps you just want to wallow in the history of the Mohave Museum of History and Arts?


Well, as Sacha Baron Cohen’s recent “Who Is America” show attests, this bastion of culture offers something for everyone. Whatever race or creed you are, you will be sure to find a good time in Kingman.


Verification for Steemit

There are number of different blogging websites available, sometimes they can be use synergistically and other times they may be at odds with each other.

As well as using the crisp blogging platform which is Medium and the social media/miniblogging community which is Tumblr, I have recently joined the community. This is a new form of decentralised online community and media generation/sharing which has very interesting principles, predominantly, community-orientated anarcho-capitalist ones.  It does have a lot of potential I feel, although it is not intrinsically meritocratic right at the start. It would be fascinating to observe whether a Pulitzer winner can anonymously join Steemit and write dozens of insightful multi-faceted articles and then get ignored completely if they do not know the many intricacies of how the place functions. 

Nevertheless, I do want to persist with Steemit as the community spirit engendered within it does seem an attractive proposition for new media.

My username there is, predictably, doctoryak and this is my steemit blog:

This is the post which needed verifying:

This is my verification post:


Dating Apps – My Red Flags on profiles

So Valentine’s Day has come and gone. For singletons like yours truly, this means ever more frantic swiping on shallow smartphone-based dating apps.


I thought I would write a semi-humorous article about the profiles which may make me more inclined to swipe “left” rather than right.

DISCLAIMER: The profiles I have experience with are women. I have no doubt that men can be a lot worse in general and make these mistakes and more. My own profile is probably a mess. I hope not to cause any offence

1) “I have X kids, and they are my world”

I’m sure your children are very important to you, as they should be. And it’s absolutely fine to proclaim your intentions in your dating profile. But if you put it as the headline comment then that’s not award-winning salesmanship!

Every swiping session seems to have a profile pic which is just the aspiring datee’s children. I’m not sure if it is Tinder’s smart algorithm which has promoted that photo or not, but I can’t imagine a situation where someone would want to swipe right on that.

I even have encountered two profile photos with an ultrasound of a baby. Again, I fail to see how this would help her dating.


Source: LyonRoadArt

2) Which one are you?

I’m increasingly seeing a host of images where the individual is hidden like Where’s Waldo (Where’s Wally for fellow Brits) amongst large groups of people. Sometimes there are 14-15 images and one frantically swipes right to find out who the elusive person is, only to find progressively greater and greater crowds of people.


I get that they might be a little bit shy and not want to show an individual photo of themselves on the app, but at least put a few clues in the profile so I can work out which one you are! Thanks.

3) Filterageddon


The weird artificial glazed look the eyes, really oddly placed flowers in the hair, I previously found filters a good addition to dating apps because they add an automatic no filter for me. That was until I moved to an area where 99% of dating profiles have flower or dog filters, rendering the pool of dating to people who haven’t heard of Snapchat. It truly is the end of days….

4) Ex-husband or ex-boyfriend in first profile pic

I think there’s certain rules about guys in the first profile pic:

  • Father = OK.
  • Gay best friend = Probably OK. Grey area
  • Ex-boyfriend = Not OK
  • Ex-husband = Not OK

Seeing her profile picture with her ex-husband isn’t going to make me think “Wow that’s a lovely dress and I can imagine her being my bride”

5) “Is there anyone genuine/nice on here or are you all weirdos?”


Angry hen

I can empathise with the female dater who has had bad experiences, we all have. But again, I’m not sure putting that in the profile is necessarily going to unearth that elusive central segment of the single/genuine person Venn diagram.

As I said, this article was meant to be semi-humorous so I don’t want to cause any offence. If you use puppy-with-tongue-out filters on all your photos (including portraits of your family), don’t let me be the one to stop you. And as always, good luck