Camilla Long – Hatchet Job of the Year

(by Nima Ghadiri)

Camilla Long has previously won Hatchet Job of the year for her brutal character assassinations. She deserves the same in turn.

Camilla, you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth (which appears to be draped in caviar as per your twitter profile). Your highly aristocratic heritage has opened doors to you that infinitely more talented people have had shut in their faces.


As your first question in an interview with Michael Fassbender, you enquired about the size of his penis. He later said “I don’t think I would touch her with a barge pole.”

You used your airtime on question time to say that you didn’t know what the strike was about, but your junior doctor friend said it was about money. As a journalist, you should be thoroughly ashamed of yourself for talking with such mock authority on a subject about which you know very little. How dare you question our intentions with no understanding and no insight into caring for people.

When you grow older than your 37 years of age, if there is an NHS still standing we will give you all the care you need even when we are exhausted and even if 50% of us have left. But we will all know you for what you are: A pint pot Katie Hopkins. Stay classy.



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