World of Wallcharts Series #6 – WINE

Today is World Wine Day. The earliest archaeological evidence for wine consumption comes from ancient China, Iran and Georgia and has been used for religious, cultural and inebriation reasons over the millenia.

Therefore, the sixth of this #WorldOfWallcharts series is dedicated to this beverage.

Let’s start with a Basic Wine Guide from Wine Folly


Followed up by a nice guide to the various families courtesy of [Pop Chart Lab] (


If you like your wallcharts a little more simplistic and less detailed, Wine Folly also has another colourful chart to describe the different types of wine:


There are many areas of the world which are famous for wine production based on climate and natural resources. This lovely map from [Pop Chart Lab] ( highlights those of the Napa Valley:


Of course, many famous wines are blends of different types, this infographic from Wine Folly highlights them:


Every wondered what wine to pair your food with, well good sir or madam, wonder no more…!


Wine and seafood can be a risky combination, but this wallchart from Vine Pair gives you a few choice tips:


And finally, a classical pairing which brings enjoyment to many a dinner party, Wine and cheese from Wine Folly :


Do enjoy your moderately consumed wine 🙂


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