World of Wallcharts Series #3 – LOVE

What else could it be for the third part of this #worldofwallcharts series today? In homage to St Valentine’s Day, here is a curation of some beautiful love-related posters and infographics.

First up, a load of iconic heart beats from musical tracks, courtesy of Pop Chart Lab. Some of them are quite hard to figure out, but the icons look cool at least:

This begs the question ,what kind of heart are you? Perhaps you can find the answer on 20px’s poster down here. I think I may be a couple of these…

If you’re looking more for numbers and facts rather than cute heart emojis, then you’ll be right at home with the “Facts of Love” infographic from Overstock:

And if you’re more scientifically-inclined, then you can look at exactly how those brain hormones work in the following infographic from Adam Baumgartner

Finally, if you want to learn how to say I love you in 50 different languages, then Pop Chart Lab has the wallchart for you:

Hope you have a lovely Valentine’s Day, whether with your loved one, with your friends and family, or alone.


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